Membership Clinic

Due to the insurance changes; Johnson Chiropractic has changed how they are handling their practice of "health care." Johnson Chiropractic has ended their relationship with many insurance providers and, now, introduces a NEW "Membership Clinic!" With this NEW "Membership Clinic" Johnson Chiropractic will be "serving their patients; not the insurance companies!"

Drs. Greg and Brett Johnson realize that many people are putting off taking care of themselves because of insurance issues like "high deductibles," "high co-pays" and "high premiums". Most people simply can't handle all of the high fees to get healthy. This is why Johnson Chiropractic has decided to make this change.

The NEW "Membership Clinic" takes into consideration three items:

  1. Time - There never seems to be enough time to do the things we need to do for ourselves. Either business hours don't fit into our work schedule or there are no appointments available and you have to wait days or weeks to be seen. Johnson Chiropractic will now see patients WITHOUT APPOINTMENTS and they will schedule evening hours AND HOUSE CALLS, if necessary!

  2. Money - With all of the high insurance fees - how can families go to the doctor and pay every visit for one or the entire family? Families and individuals work to get the high deductible paid for the year; then the new year arrives and you start all over!

  3. Understanding - Johnson Chiropractic will teach you how to find the health that you may have lost and how to keep it by utilizing REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE. If your spine and nervous system aren't working correctly; health will be lost. The brain and the nervous system controls all the functions of the body. Any interference will cut off the life force to the body allowing "dis-ease".

Johnson Chiropractic encourages all individuals to be checked at least once a week to maintain your spinal health (which maintains your body's health). If you need more than a "weekly check," all additional "checks" are included at no charge.

For all questions and information on the NEW "Membership Clinic," call Drs. Greg and Brett Johnson; TODAY at Johnson Chiropractic; 1309 Washington Blvd., Williamsport. Ph. # (570) 323-8961 or Click Here to Contact Us!